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The World was in Sepiatone.

August 7, 2007

Jerry told me I should have an audition for my play in Voice at NOVA at university. I kept playing guitar for all of the poor kids in rags. Whenever I did the world was in sepiatone. My mouth was full of Phlegm. People were confused at which lecture theatre it was in. Two of the guys from Retrophic Funk Machine told me they weren’t going. I had only started putting up posters for the event when people starting arriving. It was the only advertising I had done. There was a lot of discouragement. Two other RFM members had to be convinced to go. I did a pretty good job.There was still phlegm in my mouth. All of the toilets were full. When I went into the room two RFMers were standing, flabbergasted at the amount of people that had arrived. Keri and Jerry were hanging around outside. Keri told Jerry that I looked sick. I just pointed at my mouth and made a noise. There was still phlegm in my mouth. I turned away from everyone and spent ages picking up a bag and spitting in it. there was a LOT of spit. I didn’t turn around for about five minutes; I thought it would make me look artsy. When I did, I turned their attention to a huge colourful spider in the corner. It had caught a coin and spat on it. I then mentioned the second, much bigger, much more colourful spider. I threw a docoument at it. It caught it and spat on it. I looked down at my leg; there was a smaller colourful spider who spat on me and was ready to bite.

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