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Drum and Bass.

July 30, 2007

My family was going to have an open air party in a large park/farm. Matthew had brought his drum and bass machine, so when Dad asked if there was any music Mum started playing with the machine. It produced really cheesy, midi sounding drum and bass. Fiona didn’t want music to be playing so she kept switching the machine off, and mum kept saying that we can’t have a party without drum and bass. Fiona hit her hard, so I got really angry and forced Fiona out of the park. I locked all of the doors to the park except one; guests needed to come in somehow. Just as I finished the locking, people started arriving. Hundreds and hundreds of people all came at once. There was still no music. A group of goths turned up and Fiona was behind them. She had come back to apologise. She had also turned into Ben Stiller. I went to hug him, but it was really awkward. Brian made some sort of smartass remark about being a gay family. Ben Stiller asked where the music was – I told him the live band should be starting soon. Taking the Fall started playing in the barn. The drum roll was okay, but the music sucked. While they played, the food was getting brought out plate by plate. There were lots of different dishes, like roasted onion, and roasted bread bits. I chose one with tinfoil. I asked Mark Neilson about his secret santa. His wife told me that he had opened his because you’re allowed to when there’s movement inside, but she had to wait for hers cause it hadn’t moved at all.
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