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I Leave for Japan Tomorrow

July 28, 2007

I was walking down Glenpark Avenue when I noticed a whole lot of people going into the church. Among them was Jason Wright. I called out to him, but he snobbed me. I went right up to him and said, “Jason it’s me. I leave for Japan tomorrow.” He told me that I should have emailed him back, he also said that I should have called. “But I don’t have your number,” I argued. He shouted back, “Dansen has it, you could have got it off him.” He was rather dramatic.

I thought while I was there I might as well go to church. Then I noticed the time wasn’t 10am, but 12pm. Church had just finished. They weren’t going into church at all. They were coming out of church and into Subway. The sandwiches were huge. In Subway I met a girl. She was quite awesome and attractive so I asked her if wanted to hang out. She said, “definitely”.

We sat on my bed at my mum’s house. Well, technically I was lying down under the blankets and she was sitting up against the wall with her legs over mine. We talked for a while and then she asked me if I was wearing underwear. I then realized that I was naked under the covers. I didn’t say anything. She told me she didn’t think it was going to be this sort of thing, and stormed out. I chased after her (magically wearing clothes again it seems), and told her to give me one more chance. She agreed.

Her (I never did find out her name), Jerry, Andrew A, Annette, and I all went to a suspiciously dark theme park. We were walking down the main street when Annette and the aformentioned girl changed their minds and decided to leave. The rest of us walked to the swamp and found out where the rock climbers and orienteering people finished. We decided to leave before they arrived.

We drove through a very long, thin street in Tokyo in Andrew’s Moris Minor. We picked up my sister (Angela) on the way. She had bright pink braids. She kept telling us about how the Tokyo Disneyland was small and crap – even though she’d never been to it. I told her we were coming up to it so she could see for herself that it wasn’t that bad, and was quite big. Jerry complained about how small the car was, “I have big legs,” he kept saying. The street went through the middle of Tokyo Disney. There were a lot of swimming pools, and every attraction had at least 6 Grimaces from MacDonalds.

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