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The Upper and Lower Fields at KVC.

July 24, 2007

I went to meet Laura in her house. It was a Mansion. It was a really really big house. Laura’s grandmother met me at the door. She was old, frail, and very lovely. I think she was part Japanese. She said it was the coldest day we’ve had in a while, “it’s nice”. I smiled. She told me that Laura was waiting for me around the back.

The backyard was also huge, with rolling hills, and banks like the difference between the upper and lower fields at KVC. I was at the top of a hill and she was at the bottom. All I was wearing was the sheet that NOVA had given me for my futon…it’s not very big, so I said, “I’m not changed yet.” “I can see that,” she replied. We rolled down the hills for a while, even though we knew that we were late. I made sure my sheet stayed on. Eventually I said that I would have to go past my house to get changed. She lived near 10 pin bowling in Kaikorai Valley, so we’d have to go up Stone Street; that didnt leave us much time. She said, I knew you wouldn’t be ready in time,  so I didn’t get completely ready;  I still need a shower.”

As we were walking up her spiral staircase the alarm went off on my extremely high-tech watch. i told her it must be the doomsday alarm. It wouldn’t turn off…

Even though we went there the easy way, Jerry said that it was important to didn’t take it on the way back  because someone might see us. We started climbing giant trees which twisted and turned along the peninsula. Matthew gasped! A dark blue crow had spotted us and and evil rainbow was coming out of the back of it. Jerry panicked, “We have to Hurry!!!” he shouted. Him and Matthew Ran. I tried to follow but stood on a trap and fell all the way to the bottom of the trees.

I saw a hut near the ocean. in there there were three pairs of watershoes. I took off my regular shoes and looked at the water ones. None of them had sizes; how was I supposed to know which ones to wear? I wondered if my new cell phone would get  wet.

Andrew A gave me a New Zealand $5 note and told me that I would be the only person able to spend it in Japan.

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