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Cream Puffs

July 7, 2007

My mother left some frozen fish on the table. I instinctively threw it in the bin. Then I realised that it was for tea. I put my hand into the rubbish, but when I pulled the fish out there was mushrooms and other fungus all over it. I looked at my arm and hand and there was mushrooms all over that too. I started picking the mushrooms out of my skin and putting them on the table. they were getting bigger and bigger. I pulled out one that was the size of a basketball. My mother came back into the room; she had been winning a lot of competitions.

I decided to walk to Christchurch. When I was making my way out of town, people kept joining me. I didn’t want them anywhere near me. I walked faster, but they wouldn’t give up – this was their walk too. I went up the motor way and past the Big Chill. Melissa was there. She had a new life working at the rink. I got arrested because I stopped walking.

I didn’t want to go to jail so I kept running away from the policemen. They kept tackling me and I kept slipping away. Eventually they all jumped on top of me. They had me where they wanted me. We lay in a pile for a while talking about cream puffs.

The jail was an old room, with paintings and bookcases everywhere. The jail fumes were Whiskey. Andrew A told me to watch out. I grabbed hold of the guards and tried to strangle them. They turned into bits of paper and so it was easy. Andrew A told me I’d ruined my life. I left jail, he stayed.

I came home. All of my family plus a few extras were sitting on plenty of couches. I talked for a while in a slurred manner. I went downstairs to fall asleep in creampuffs.

When I woke up (with cream all over my face) I went upstairs to tell everybody that I fell asleep in creampuffs. Angela said that I already told her that. Mum complained at me that I always got drunk. I protested and went into my room, which was the Big Chill.

I played 4 square on the ice until Jerry arrived. He drove me around for ages then told me that We’d better get up, It’s 11 O’Clock.

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