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The Gourmet Bakery

June 28, 2007

I had made some soup. I was walking around with it when I remembered I had left the bath running. I leaned over the bath, dangling my legs in the air, and turned off the taps. the bath was full to the brim. I tipped my soup in the water.

Susan wanted to go to camp after she heard I was going. Mum didn’t know what all of the fuss was about.

At camp there were a lot of places to eat. We were given a tour of all of them. The gourmet bakery was way better than the convenience store – although the blueberry pie looked nice. Everybody wanted to go to bed except for Fiona, American Abe, and me. We went to a room with a great light show. It turned out that Fiona had made a Goodbye Party for me. Nobody cared, not even me.

Pants Off Time people started pouring in; there were about 50 of them. The token girl (I can’t remember her name) asked if all of the musicians were here. Rachel pointed to me and said, “there’s one”. Token just kind of looked at me arrogantly. One of the new pants-off-timers sat down by me and rachel and started telling me about how succesful they all were and that if we tried hard I might be able to put on a show one day. I thanked him and asked for more of his brilliant advice. He didn’t understand the sarcasm and started explaining that he always followed the advice of his t-shirt. He lifted up his sweater to show a t-shirt with a Toyota Carolla on it. I left the camp to go to Iceland.

I started rowing my boat and quickly got to shore. The Island was hot and humid. I asked a man in a chair covered in stuff where Iceland was, “Iceland wa doko desu ka” I asked. It turned out the man was actually Shavaughn from What Now. She said, “It’s over there” and pointed down the road.

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