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Maori Flatmates

June 5, 2007

There was youth group on Christmas at my mother’s house. The group were emptying out the hot German girl’s room in preparation for a pillow war. We put all of her stuff in the lounge. It was a huge war, with heaps of forts. After everyone was exhausted I decided to drop everyone home, but before I could Matthew Robinson spilt some corrosive powder on me and some of my clothes burnt. I screamed for a while, but eventually it wore off. Everyone was laughing at me. We got into my mum’s car but it started smoking from the bonnet so we all got out. It blew up. Shards went everywhere, and we had to duck. I asked Kat Thomas if I could borrow her car; she said I could. So I dropped everybody home and then parked outside the scout hall. Kat’s car blew up dramatically. I went down the hill to where she lived (on glenpark ave) to tell her. When I got to her house I noticed she was crying because her boyfriend had dumped her, AND she had lost the pillow war. I gave her a long hug, then told her that her car blew up. I was worried that she would get more upset, but she didn’t seem to mind. Suddenly all of her maori flatmates and their friends came outside and there was a barbeque. Andrew A and Chris were there too. Some guy (probably from a gang) started throwing knives at me, so I told Chris and Andrew we had to leave because I was getting uncomfortable.

When we got outside we ran into a hot girl (she lived in the church on Glenpark ave) who’s car also blew up, So I decided to tell her that it was my fault too. Unfortunately her house was empty because that, too, was blown up. There was a tow-truck behind the blown-up-car with graffitti on it that said, “who’s going to pay the $300 parking fine?” They were parked on yellow lines. One of the clean up men started ranting, “she’s not here! no-one’s here! So go away!” I got smart, which wasn’t a good idea because the men became aggressive. Kat Thomas and I couldn’t be bothered with that, so we walked back towards the Scout Hall. One of the men followed us, beating us with his broom. Kat grabbed it, and threw it into the Kaikorai Stream. He got even angrier but we just ignored him. When we got to the Scout Hall there was another man there, his car had blown up and blamed it on us. There was lots of yelling from the two men. Three women came out of the Scout Hall to see what the commotion was. They sent the cleaner home, and told us not to worry about the other man, “He’s from San Fransisco.” They said “Andrew Robinson” calmly a few times, then there was a montage of traffic in San Fransisco.

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