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Immigrants (mostly from Mexico).

June 5, 2007

I came home to my mother’s house at Christmas time. Mum had put out her nativity scene in the lounge. The house was VERY clean and I was wondering why. Everybody was in a very good mood….it was because we had a visitor. It was a very attractive girl aged 26 (she was from Germany). I went downstairs and Angela’s room was completely covered in an art work; I thought this was funny. It was shaped like a boat and was very colourful. It was sort of like a colourful skeleton boat. I heard a voice that sounded like Amy X Neuburg so I rushed upstairs. It was the visitor singing. I remembered I had to get to work, and luckily Matthew said he would drive me. As we got into my mother’s car he asked if I liked her (the visitor); I said, “she has a great voice and a great body”.

I worked at a juice factory. My job was very easy; there were about 20 of us and we just threw food into the giant squasher. I worked with a lot of immigrants because it was an unskilled job. They liked to throw food in and yell out its name like: “Pineapples! Bananas! Eggs!” etc. Even though there were 20 of us working at any time, if someone stopped, even for just a second, they would get flogged, then the 2nd time fired. If somebody got fired they just brought in more immigrants (mostly from Mexico). Two people got flogged during my shift, one of them was fired.

When I got home, Andrew A and Chris were visiting me. I thought, “great, I’ll introduce them to the hot 26 year old artist.” Andrew was already talking to her so I went into my room to talk to Chris. He needed a favour from me. He handed me a whole pile of pornography magazines and asked me to hold on to them for a while. I didn’t want to at all but he said it was really important so I remorsefully accepted. I hid them in the cupboard. I went into the lounge and Chris went home. I was the only one there so I turned back around to see the artwork had been moved over my door. Everybody who was there (my family, Andrew A, and some people from church) were in the lounge, looking through some information on the artwork. That’s when I realised the artwork was feminist, and it was supposed to represent a vagina. When I looked up the art was gone. Everybody who was there had gone too. I walked back into my room, only to see the visitor sitting on a double bed reading the porn! I panicked and pleaded her not to tell mum. She immediately smiled a wicked smile, and ran out of the room to do exactly that. Mum came in and saw the magazines everywhere. She started yelling, and I cried out, “they’re not mine, they’re Chris’!” She accused me of lying. I decided to run away, so I grabbed some bread, a pad, and some other paper, and left. I went to a far away street, picked a house, sat on the porch, and started to write everything that had happened to me. I looked up to see there was a girl on the next house along’s porch doing the exact same thing. Then I realised that the whole side of the street was the same: people like me writing in pads about how terrible their days were.

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