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It was daytime (no more storms)

May 28, 2007

Andrew A and I were driving around in the work truck. There was a coast on our right. Storms were coming. The storms looked like long thin strings of electrical current rising up to heaven…sort of like a tornado made out of light with the middle of a lightbulb (the squiggly bit) in the middle. There were many of them. Andrew decided that we should have all of our windows down because the air pressure might be harmful to us and the car. We managed to get all of the windows down except one; it just kept going up again by itself. Andrew A decided we’d better seek shelter – it was getting windier and the ‘storms’ were getting nearer.

We entered a bunker in a small town filled with people. All of the people in the town were in this bunker, huddled closely because there was hardly any room. One of the older folk decided it was time for him to die anyway and left the room. Some people were shocked, some liked the idea and followed him themselves.

I saw Angela Lackermier near the door of the bunker, and I didn’t care about the storm any more. I slowly made my way over to her, tapped my foot against hers, and said, “Angela?” She turned, looked surprised for a second, and then recognised me. The look on her face was best look in the world. She threw her arms around me and we hugged and cried for ages. She asked me if I had a girlfriend; when I said, “no,” she said, “me neither”. I was so happy.

A maori man came up the hill from the beach. He’d been swimming near the storms. When I turned around Angela was gone. In panic, I asked everyone where she went. One man said her friend dragged her back to her camping ground. I didn’t care about the storms, I wanted to see her again.

It was daytime (no more storms) when I reached the camping ground. I asked around the camp about Angela (trying to avoid the camping owner, because he was evil (he had signs around the camp saying that if anyone touched his things he would turn them into his slaves)) and eventually a bearded man told me that she was working down at the beach.

When I got there I found that she was giving a talk at a temporary conference centre. I thought I’d better not disturb her, so in the meantime Lucinda and I went for a swim. Lucy said that if I got sucked under a wave, I should wait for the huge groups of surfers to go overhead before I came back up. It was quite scary being under for that long, but it was for my own good. This happened many times. There were also a lot of boats I had to dive under. It was a busy beach.

When I got back to the conference centre, Angela had finished. I was great to see her again. I said I’d do anything for her, even sell my saxophone. She said that the men in the conference weren’t very happy that she wasn’t wearing a hat with her suit. I said I had Uncle Frank’s hat back at my room at the camping ground.

When we got there the Owner of the camp sneered at us. We creeped quickly away to my room. In my room there were people in arm chairs all around the perimeter. Matthew was smoking pot with Jacob in the corner. They laughed at everything. I gave Angela the hat and she smiled. A policeman came in. Matthew hid the pot. The policeman said that we should put on a play about how Angela and I met again. I only agreed because she thought it was a good idea; I also wanted an excuse to hug her again.

The policeman dropped us off at our starting points around town. I was second last, and got out at the casino. The play started with a strange storyline about how everyone in town was obsessed with red, edible baby-toys. When we finally got to the point just before I got to see Angela again, everything ended. Damn.

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