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The Plebs Outside of the Ropes

May 25, 2007

Amiria and I were in a Wellinton train station. It was very confusing because there were so many platforms but we needed to get back to our apartments. I managed to get on the right one; I don’t know where Amiria went. I went to sleep on the train.

I woke up in my apartment. My bed was very very high. I’m glad I looked before I just jumped out of bed. I decided to get out on the other side – good idea. I went into town because our show was on. When I got to Bats they told us that it had been moved to one of the bigger theatres in town. “They should have told us earlier than this,” I thought. Backstage Simon O’Connor asked if I’d done any good poos lately, and for some reason I had a long story about it. Phoebe interrupted me. She said, “For once, can you NOT talk about poos?” There was an awkward silence. It went on for a while.

That night we were supposed to go to the closing of the show. On the way there we came across Ali Bacon and Angela. They were wondering what film they were going to see that night. I suggested they go to our show (it was still on?), Ali said they’d think about it and proceeded to enter a hoyts across the street.

When we got into the special closing night show (which had a red carpet and everything), the host (who was really greasy looking), told us not to talk to the plebs outside of the ropes. I was the last person to get to my seat. Wilbur told me that democracy had been used in saving me a seat. I sat next to Amiria. She asked me what my obsession with Pokemon was. I didn’t have an answer. She pointed at a chair hovering over a doorway. I shrugged. The main act that night was a documentary about new zealand. it was really crap.

On the way out Amiria asked me where we were going for drinks. Before I could talk, Jerry said, “Well, the girls in the cast have free tickets to another show, but I owe those boys a drink!” There were three girls in our cast including phoebe. Amiria came with the boys.

Cut to us after we’d been drinking. I saw a very high wall. I thought, “I could jump that.” I could. I did. Just when I was about to hit the water I started to fly. I flew all around, faster and faster. It was friggin’ awesome. everytime I turned around I saw a different cityscape.

I woke up in my apartment again. I knew I was there even though I had my eyes closed. I started crawling out of bed, and just when I was half out I remembered how high up it was. I opened my eyes. It was normal height. I got out of bed and went over to the other bed where Amiria was sleeping. I asked her if I could share hers cause mine had 3 other people in it. She asked, “who?” I pointed at Wilbur and the two other girls in our cast (other than Phoebe). Amiria still said, “no, but soon I’ll be leaving and going to my bed with drums.”

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