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Planks and Ropes

May 18, 2007

Lucinda and I were trying to get to a gig at arc. unfortunately arc was on the other side of a large mass of brownish water (sort of like a harbour). On the plus side, hovering over the water there was a large confidence course that we could clamber over so we didn’t have to swim. It was made of planks and ropes. The first obstacles were fairly easy, but then we came to 3 loose ropes between planks. Lucinda didn’t want to touch the other ropes because it was raining, so she quickly walked across one of the higher ropes (tight-rope style). She said I should do the same…I gawped at her. I eventually scuttled my way across. The next obstacle had options. We could either use the wee trolly with wheels, or just hop from plank to plank. Lucy chose the trolly because it looked like more fun; but after it threw her into the water, I decided to hop. When we got to the gig we had to do sudoku. Mum wanted to take all of us home because there was a birthday party waiting for me. Fran, Andrew A, and Amiria got into the back of the Morris Minor. Mum drove and Lucy and I squeezed into the front. Amiria and I drank cocktails and then messed around. I woke up in a cafe. I asked Fran what happened last night. She said it involved a lot of flour and pointed to Kat Thomas who had flour all over her face. I asked if I’d embarrased myself. She said, “A little.”

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