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Lions Can’t Flip Over Fences.

April 24, 2007

I was tramping in the mountains with Andrew A, Fran Hackshaw, my mum, and Lucy. We came across a lion. We all Panicked. Andrew A and Lucy went one way and me and fran went the other. I don’t know what happened to my mum. I hoped that everyone else was alright but we had to fend for ourselves. We came across some fields with more lions in them. I assured Fran that it was okay because lions can’t flip over fences. I tried to demonstrate but I sucked at it too. I turns out lions can flip over fences. We ran in different directions. I thought my only chance was to flip over a fence into a whole lot of vines and trees. Which I did. I started pushing myself down into the vines even though i knew that it was over a huge cliff. When, after ages, I decided to look down, I was at the bottom of the cliff…but I was lost. I was at the same crossroads as when i raced with Scott over the mountains. I needed to find my way out, so I tried reading the sign pointing in lots of different directions. It was in a weird number code and was hard to figure out. One way was back to the lions, other ways were to places i’ve never even heard of. I decided to make my way to the sea. On the way I met a huge group of American tourists who were no help, but were very loud. I finally arrived at Methven (by the sea) where Andrew A was waiting for me. He didn’t believe what had happened to me and said we should get back to work. I insisted it had happened and he asked me if I had dreamed it. When i woke up I didn’t speak English. I Spoke in a language that I, nor anyone else, could understand.
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