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Using Birds as Beacons

April 16, 2007

I was doing work experience at the RockShop. It looked like a library. James and Callum asked me about loop delays. I started explaining, but got bored. I got told by Lucy that I needed to do the dishes . I went out to the Kitchen/bathroom area. I thought I’d go to the toilet first. There was a line of people waiting, but all of the cubicles were open. Brylee said she was cleaning them. All of them at once. even though she was just sitting there. I went out to pour water into the four giant tubs for dishes, but there was already water in them. It was kind of dirty and luke-warm. I asked Brylee if she had put the water in there, she said, “yeah, i just ran it for you.”

Instead of doing the dishes I decided to travel to Norway. Three of the ladys from the cleaning squad wanted to follow me. I told them they could take their own boat. It took me a long time in my rowboat, but I eventually arrived in Norway. The ladies followed me the whole way. I had to find my pirate girlfriend who had been waiting for me for two years. I travelled all around the island (because Norway IS an island) until I found her waving from a high rock, using birds as beacons. We kissed in the water. The cleaning ladies thought it was cute at first, but then that it was a bit much.

We were old in a big pirate ship.

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