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Painting with Sparkling Duet

April 15, 2007

Andrew and I were doing our job (inspecting roads) and I asked him whether he would rather drive into a Tsunami or away from one. What gave me the idea was that we were beside a beach. He said, “into one”. Then came a Tsunami. I begged him to drive away from it. He said okay, but unfortunately it was really hard for us to get away because of the hundreds and hundreds of tourists taking pictures of it, and it’s also really hard to drive on sand (this was really soft sand too). We drove up a crazy road away from the water, stopping to check the lines on the roads and write down their numbers along the way. We came across Gordon’s house and decided we’d better paint all of the roads in it. Gordon wasn’t home, and we didn’t have the right paint, so we hid in the Mezzanine floor of his garage. We waited for a while, then when he finally came home we jumped out and yelled, “BOO!” He got a rather big fright. He was holding a box of groceries. We told him that for our paint we needed Sparkling Lemon. He only had one Sparkling Lemon and one Sparkling Duet. We said that that would have to do for now, even though the paint would come up a funny colour. He said he’d go back for more later. Everyone in the audience clapped and cheered.

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