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My Science is Your Science

April 15, 2007

I was walking to Allen Hall with Scott and Andrew A when we spotted a coup. it was pretty scary; they all had guns and brightly coloured camoflage gear. After watching the coup for a while we were russled up with all the other hostages. I said, “I don’t want to be in a coup!” One of the gunmen replied, “Well, be out THERE then.” and pointed toward the Museum reserve. I left, but everyone else was too scared to. I needed to find out what was behind this coup because everyone seemed to be getting turned into mindless idiots. I heard Scott say, “I like Transformers.” Simon O’Connor obviously hadn’t been changed because he thought something was fishy. He said he would get back to me after he had done some research. I saw a coup leader go after him so his mind probably got taken over. I went to ‘go read’ in Allen Hall – that’s what I told one of the coup people anyway; it was really to discover what was going on. On the way I asked Stewart if all of the buildings were open. He was obviously already a stupid coup man cause he said: “Of course, all the sciences are free now. My science is your science.” When I was in Allen Hall I really needed to use the toilet, so I went upstairs and waited for whoever it was to come out. I saw Siale outside looking into Allen Hall then he walked off, then he came out of the toilet (was there two Siales?). His pants were down and he had toilet paper stuck up his bum. I tried to talk sense into him, but he was a coup idiot. I looked down and he had pooed all over my pants and underpants (mine were down for some reason). I was annoyed and frustrated, but he didn’t see the problem. He said, “It’s only 9560!”. I told him we had to swap pants. Cut to me wearing really giant pants.
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