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It was a Subway Gym

April 9, 2007

I was watching an Allen Hall play, but it was at the Gardens in a giant Gymnasium. Half way through we had to do workouts with things in the room. At first swinging on the ropes was fine, but then Garry wouldn’t let us. I complained but he sounded like Scott’s imitation of him. Scott and I decided to have a race (the race was part of working out); we had to pick 6 spots in and around the building to strike a pose and sprint between them. I did my first pose then ran out of the building. After my second pose andrew A picked me up in his car and drove me to each of my other ones. One I couldn’t get to to because it was closed (it was in another gym – i think it was a Subway gym), one was at Portsmith Drive (by the Harbour) where we got Frujus. I had to do a wee bit of work when I got picked up, but when I tried to move a ‘0’ from one box to another in EXCEL it left a roll mark all over the page. We finally arrived back at the gym (where the duck pond is usually) but there were heaps of people outside. When I got inside the gym there was a line. I asked what was going on.  “The Downbeats are playing,” Prue replied excitedly. I had a stamp so I could go in (Prue was at the door). My Dad had to pay. I was $5 but my dad only had a $10 note so he got two stamps. We had to walk down a corridor to get to the band. I wanted to go and see them, but my dad kept commenting on the photos on the walls. There were only sports photos. The downbeats were Lisa Warrington on guitar and vocals, Karen Currie on guitar/vocals, and Mrs Dreaver on bass. The drums were pre-recorded. They were being played back through a boom box that kept skipping. Scott loved it.
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