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They all laughed at me

March 30, 2007

I owned a mixture of church and Toroa House. The two were in different rooms with a corridor in between them. The people from church wanted me to take baking over to Toroa. I grudgingly said I would do it. I walked down the long hallway with my wheeled tray. I came into a room full of international students all having interesting conversations. I was in a costume. I piped up and said that here was baking and milk. They all laughed at me. It was really embarrassing. I knew they wouldn’t want baking or milk or me in a suit. I tried to act cool; it didn’t  work. One of them eventually offered me and Andrew A a ride home. We accepted but we didn’t get it. I was walking past the public library and somebody was selling all of the books; they didn’t need them anymore since it was the end of the world. Where the post office in the exchange usually is there was a KFC. We went in. It was full of drunks. I asked for an extreme meal but the hippy lady asked if me and Andrew A wanted a ride home. We accepted. We got into her van which turned into a huge bus with many levels. She got more fat, whiny and hippy as the trip went on. I was wondering where we were going…she wasn’t taking us home at all; she was taking us to Ravensbourne. I screamed at her never to take us to Ravensbourne (the pancake rocks and the organ pipes were there too) because it’s a very dangerous place. A death man lived there, and you don’t want to cross a death man. Eventually she turned around and drove us back along a different road but there was lots of logs blocking our way. There was logs all throughout the giant hippy bus too. It was my job to put them in piles in the carport (in the bus). I saw Tristram walking along the street between Fredrick street and Rattray street. He turned to talk to me. He was going to sleep at his mums shop but he walked with me up to our flat instead.

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