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Elfie Fey

March 29, 2007

There was an ANZ bank machine where toast is. I could only work it really slowly so the people behind me got really pissed off. They built up and built up until the line went all the way to the octagon. Eventually Alayna (who was Elfie Fey) told me to leave my card. The machine was really smartass, and I didn’t want to leave before I got an apology from it. Elfie made me leave it. I left my bag at the machine and for ages I wanted to go back and get it. I was walking down town with Elfie and Jen and all I was thinking about was how I forgot my bag, even though there were people in suits following me around in their car. Elfie and Jen were worried, but all I could think about was my bag.

We got to the cast dinner (by this stage Jen had gone) and sat down. There were two tables; one for the lecturers and one for the younger people. Suzanne sat at our table though. There were other people at the lecturers table sitting with Richard but I don’t know who they were. They laughed a lot. Before we could eat, Suzanne got really agitated about something (it wasn’t us) and had to leave. Alayna (who was actually Alayna now) told us not to worry about her, she was just having a bad day. Scott said it must be because she’s from Australia and they don’t feel comfortable eating in restaurants. Jerry looked really worried. He didn’t know which table to sit at. He apologized too much to say that he had to sit at the lecturers table. He apologized the most to Alayna because she was a student. It then became a reality T.V. show where Paul had to see how long he could talk to Alayna with a bomb strapped to his arm.

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