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The Unfortunate Panda

March 19, 2007

I was in hospital with a lot of healthy people who thought there was something wrong with them. Most of them were obese because they had been there for so long. I kept trying to get out of the room but the crowds that were coming in stopped me from going anywhere. There was so many people that even the scout hall was used. My girlfriend snuck me out and we made out in the big hippy vehicle. We got interrupted by the owner of the zoo. The ‘hospital’ got called a zoo by so many of the patients that it turned into one. The owner wanted me to keep the panda wet. The panda had lost all of its skin and thought I was it’s brother so it wanted me to keep the hose on it while the sun was out. I got one of the workers to do it, while I had a toilet break. When I came back, the panda was no longer in the paddling pool. The very small man had taken him away because he thought it was a good idea to dry him off in the giant microwave. Instead, he cooked the panda alive, and now it looked like dinner. I was shocked.
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