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Two Races.

January 16, 2007

My family and I were playing a lazer force game where we drove around the track running over civillians. I left the shop because I realised the game was real, and we were actually killing innocent people that the owners (the people from flying squid) had captured and put in the game. My family came out to see where I was. We were out side of my mother’s house. Michael, Fiona, Angela, and Dad wanted to keep playing the game. I decided to go into the next shop on Crosby Street. It had a long corridor and it was full of cacti. there was a path along the middle where one could walk. It was very stuffy. People came here to sleep near cacti, but i doubted that they would ever wake up. I walked to the next room, but before I entered it a lady came to meet me. She was wearing a suit with shoulder pads and had long hair. She told me I had better leave because it wasn’t safe there, and so I did.

I was on a sort of school camp but I had a call out, so me and two others drove off in our truck. Unfortunately, our competition got the same call out and would do anything they could to stop us. There was traffic mayhem. They would cause large trucks to lose control and fall down the road at us. All the while the road was getting steeper and steeper. It eventually got too steep and we had to get out. There were mountains all around us, and one especially big mountain infront of us. There were also a lot of pine trees around.
There was a marathon starting very close to us, so we decided to do it. We had to go over the mountain; the finish line was on the other side. There was only one direct path to the finish line, but there were many other paths that one could get lost in. One had to use trial and error to get it right. I was the only person who took water with me, but had to share it with many others. It didn’t go far, as i only took half a bottle of that alpine 1.5 litre with me. Others were attracted by the hot pools and stayed there forever, but I wanted to finish the race. Luckily, I knew the path because i had remembered from the west coast and other dreams. The last choice was a cross road on the other side of the mountain. It had been in my dreams many times before. Unbeknownst to me, Lynly had followed Scott Ransom and I for the whole race; she hadn’t made any decisions on her own. She zoomed ahead of us and came fourth. I came fifth and scott sixth, although he stopped just before the finish line to talk. If I hadn’t told him to get a move on, he would’ve come eighth. Paul had to be air lifted out and was crazy.

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