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February 20, 2017

I suggested we swim back across the pond. Shinako said okay, but only if she does it naked. She had seen people do it in the summer when the water was much higher and clearer. We swam for a little, but Shinako didn’t like it. She got out of the water and started to itch. She had an allergic reaction to something in the water. I helped her over the fence. I looked back to see mini crocodiles in the pond. I said it was probably good to get out anyway, and that I was glad they were only small.

I threw our jackets over the fence and but I missed and they went backwards into the dirty water. I slipped, falling back too. There were full sized crocodiles in the pond after all.


The Icy Sea

February 20, 2017
Andrew A and I reached a crossroads. He suggested we turn left, as there was a path he wanted to show me.
It led high into the mountains. The snow was piled high which made it difficult to stay upright. He pointed to the amazing views of the adjacent mountain range, but I found it difficult to see over the snowdrifts. The top of the snow was floppy, and I had to keep flipping it to one side to follow the path. It covered a great snow cave. I slipped and slid into the cave, and down the left side of the mountain.
I didn’t think I had slid very far, but I looked up to a view of the icy sea. A baby polar bear was in the water about 200 metres away. I figured its mother must be around somewhere, and I started running back up the mountain, calling out to Andrew to stay well back. A yak jumped over the fences with ease as I struggled to walk in a straight line.

Sun Kil Moon

October 4, 2015

Karenin was to open for Sun Kil Moon at the Dunedin Library in London. We had started setting up the merchandise stand when the organiser found me to let me know that there is to be no drums played during our set. 

“It would upset the balance of the evening,” he said, “and Mark has specifically asked for no drums.” 

“But they’re not crashy Rock drums,” I said. 

He said that it wasn’t up to him (it was). 

I found Matthew R and told him that I wasn’t allowed to play drums. 

“I’m going a different way with my music,” he said. “We don’t even need drums.” 

I was still a bit annoyed at him for taking Mike’s place in the band, and this kind of talk made it worse. 

I saw Adam Wells’s ska band setting up in the venue next door for what looked like was going to be a rowdy night. 

“Why don’t we just play there instead?” I said. 

Matthew just looked at me. 

The first opening act was a high school singer songwriter. There’s only so much “support” I can give, and I went to the green room to find Mark Kozelek. I knew he was infamous for being hard to deal with, but I went to talk to him anyway. 

I asked about the drums and he explained that he wants quiet bands opening because he’s getting sick of rock as he gets older. I explained the kind of music we do and the reason we need percussion. 

“I do try to respect opening bands’ needs,” he said. “There was one girl who was really good, she just had a terrible record. I agreed that she could open for me on one condition: during her set in the Octagon, all of her CDs and tshirts had to be burnt in a large bonfire.”

Believe Me

June 20, 2015

Janusz: You have yellow teeth.

Me: Yeah. 

Janusz: You really should stop smoking crack. 

Me: They’re coffee stains. 

I don’t think he believed me. 

The Old Church Space

May 27, 2015

We rehearsed in the old church space. It was £5 a day. It was covered in flowers and trees. Why was it so cheap? 

I talked about marriage with Amiria. She got offended.

Kaz was coming down the escalator at Westminster Station as I was going up. He had a Mohawk, a pastel pink polo-shirt and was carrying a desktop computer. I wondered why he was going out so late. I imagined that I was me and another me. 

“How does it feel to have another you?” Amiria asked. 

I became sad. I didn’t want another me. I slid down a tiny yellow rail. 

A Night in a Grassy Field with a Tiger

February 8, 2015
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Mum had organized to spend a night in a grassy field with a tiger. We were in India at the time. We were to sleep on, and preferably not get off, a large net. It was not very high. We’re told not to stare at him or run. Mum wasn’t worried. Most of the time he stayed on the far side of the field, but one time he came closer like he was about to pounce. I was off the net and terrified. He waited until I was back on the net, then chanced a lion around. I guess he thought he was there to protect us from other large cats.


February 8, 2015

I was standing in the town centre of Moscow. There was a big crowd. A lot of people were excited and a lot of others were nervous. Putin came, along after a large procession of guards, and shook hands with people; not a smile on his face. I found myself shaking his hand. He didn’t look me in the eyes.
When he left people left very quickly. The streets were nearly empty when the drones arrived. First there were flying missiles; I don’t know where they were flying. The drones were chasing people and I suspected they were going to corner and shoot them. One found me. I ran.
When I got to the hostel, I went to the top floor which was used as both the communal and bedroom. The others were talking about football.